Mountain Sun Healing

Functional Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach, Cathy Ostema. I have the honor of helping others become healthy and happy.
Learn how you can become pain-free and watch your health issues correct themselves.

Reset your body to health without the need for medications.

If you’re looking to improve your health and well-being, then you’re in the right place. Browse through the website and if you have questions, you can contact me here.

Programs You Need

I offer Programs that fit your needs.  This is not a one size fits all program.  You are an individual unlike anyone else.  Your health concerns and needs are specific to you and no two people are exactly alike.  The solution is one that needs to be designed for your personal needs. Lets bring your health up to where you can proudly say you are truly the best you can be. I will develop a wellness plan that actually starts at the core of the issue and then heals the entire body.


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How To Begin

I’ll send you a health history form and we’ll schedule a consultation to go over your information.  We’ll look at all your concerns and design a program for you.  Then we’ll agree on set times to meet by phone or conference call on the internet.  I see clients two times per month for approximately 45 minutes per session.  I offer email assistance in-between sessions if needed.  After each session I will send you follow up notes listing all new plans and recommendations, along with any handouts that would be supportive.

All fees include two calls per month, four emails per month if needed. Session notes and any handouts that may be helpful. And all research done on your behalf. I am here to help you get well.


My Mission

I believe we are designed to be healthy and to live long, happy, active lives.  We have so many chemicals bombarding us in today’s world that our bodies struggle to maintain that design.  My goal is to look deeply into what is out-of-balance in your body and your world, and work with you to bring that balance back.  As a functional medicine practitioner I look at how your cells, tissues, and organs are functioning and determine how to correct any DisEase within.  As a holistic health coach I look at your outer world, you happiness level, your job, relationships, creativity… and we form a plan to help you bring your entire world to a better place.


I hope you’re as excited as I am. Lets get you started. Contact Me