More than a health coach

I was walking the dog this morning, and it dawned on me, that calling myself a health coach doesn’t really cover it. I’m a certified functional medicine health coach. I have helped people with a lot of different health issues such as constipation, headaches, sleep issues, acid reflux, skin conditions, memory problems, and more. But I have also helped people with relationship issues, job changes, loss of focus or energy, feeling like they don’t belong, confusion, loss of creativity, and more.

So, health coach doesn’t really say it all. I think it’s more encompassing than ‘health coach’.

For example, a person may come to me complaining that they are feeling a lot of anxiety when they find themselves in crowds and they get the jitters. I’ll ask if there are any other issues and they’ll tell me everything else is going fairly well.

We humans, tend to get used to our health issues, blaming them on age or “just the way it is”. Some will say, “just like my mom, she passed it down to me”. I’ll ask more questions, like questions about their job, relationship, and their life in general. I learn that they have heart palpitations, often feel tired, and sometimes a bit dizzy. A few years ago they started noticing some psoriasis but, “it runs in the family”. They have high blood pressure and tell me it’s to be expected, just an age thing. As long as they’re thinking about it, they would like to lose a few pounds, mostly around the abdomen and face. And the headaches have just started in the last couple of months. Oh, and maybe I could recommend something to help them sleep.

That’s a long list, I know. But it’s not uncommon. The more questions I ask, the deeper we get, and the more we both learn.

Their main concern when they walked in was their anxiety, but we find there is really a whole list of problems that have been accumulating through the years. Issues that had become ‘normal’ to them as time passed.

We end up doing some blood test and find their cortisol levels are off. That makes it hard to sleep without waking during the night. And low cortisol can cause every single one of those problems.

So what do we do? We look at their lifestyle. What are they doing to include joy in their lives? Where are they finding the time to relax, to get out in nature? Do they take the time to meditate or practice some yoga? In other words, we work on their stress levels and their lifestyle. Together we create a plan to work in some needed personal time. Once self-care is included in their life, they find they are sleeping better at night. The skin issues clear up. They don’t remember the last time they had heart palpitations and the doctor is lowering their blood pressure medicine. They come in a few weeks later and announce in an excited voice that they’ve dropped ten pounds. And of course, the anxiety was long gone along with all the other symptoms.

Along the way, we added in some temporary supplements and diet changes to help maintain the new health status.

All-in-all, we ended up working on life situation issues which helped to clear up the health issues, some of which the person had believed were simply inherited or due to age.

Now, back to my original premise. I am more than a health coach. I am a Holistic Life Coach.

I would love to hear what you think.