Alzheimer’s May Not Be What You Think

The question was asked, what is Alzheimer’s and why am I losing my memory? So this is as simple an explanation as I could come up with. For those that would be interested in a more thorough explanation stay tuned for future articles.

So many baby-boomers are reaching the age that Alzheimer’s is sadly staring them in the face. It affects more and more every year. The question is what is causing it and how do we stop it?

If we sit back for a moment and think about it, it’s not a hard question to answer. Our parents and our grandparents ate mostly non-processed foods. They ate ‘real food’. They grew their own veggies and butchered their own livestock or they bought local and in season. Monsanto wasn’t spraying our fields yet, so the produce was healthy and full of nutrients. We didn’t need to worry about pesticides and all the harm those chemicals do to us.

We didn’t have cell phones or computers and spent our time outdoors being physically active. Walking to where we wanted to go was commonplace. Running and playing with the dog, the kids, each other, taking care of the animals, fixing our own cars and homes. We played and worked rather than sit in front of a computer for hours.

There weren’t factories on every corner spewing toxic chemicals into our air. There were factories, but not as many as there are now and the air was much safer to take into our lungs.

So what do we do? We can’t get rid of the factories, chemicals are going to be sprayed, life is going to move forward. But how do we prevent our brains from going backward? That’s the real question.

If you’re already experiencing some cognitive decline or little memory blimps here and there, you can breathe easier knowing it can be reversed.

Our bodies are fascinating and fantastic. There are no mistakes in the way our cells work. There is only overwhelm in those cells and that’s when things go wrong.

The body has smartly designed a defense mechanism to protect itself from infection or negative assaults. When an injury occurs in the brain or some sort of infection our brains go right to work creating what is called an Amyloid. (Explaining amyloid and its dangers are for a future post), for now, know that amyloid is being created in an attempt to protect your brain. And the results it ends up sort of downsizing our brain in order to save its ability to continue functioning. It’s a great system, but only if the attack is a one-time event. But when the brain continues to be attacked it goes into overwhelm and the amyloid becomes too much, causing that downsizing.

The attacks that the brain is on patrol to prevent include inflammation from infection, insulin resistance, hormone imbalance, nutrient depletion, and toxic exposure which includes mold, chemicals in our foods and air and the chemicals we put on our skin.

Even though Alzheimer’s is reversible, if precautions are started soon enough, it is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Each person can have one or a combination of the attacks happening in their brain. This makes the correction program a very personal one.

So, to narrow it down a bit, there are three different processes that are attacking the brain.

Suboptimal nutrients
Toxic exposures

To correct the issues, we have to identify which one, or combination, of attacks the brain is experiencing.

Then we have to:

Remove the items that are attacking so the brain can stop defending itself.
Replace what is missing, such as healthy nutrients that are missing or lacking.
And finally, remove the amyloid itself. This is where we rebuild the synapses that have been harmed or destroyed. (But I’ll leave that for another post.)

Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s is often at work for fifteen to twenty years prior to the person going in to see a doctor to be diagnosed. I’m not saying that is too late in the game to reverse it, it’s not. Even if you’ve been diagnosed, you can often still reverse it. But you have to be willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes to save your brain.

Inflammation and a shortage of proper nutrients are the largest culprits in this devastating disease. And both of these are linked to our metabolism. And that is directly linked to our diet, our activity level, and our genes. How you handle stress effects your inflammation level. All of this also affects our cardiovascular health, and our weight and our sleep are linked back to inflammation. Even obesity is linked to vitamin D deficiency and that’s a hormone that is needed for heart health and healthy blood pressure. It’s all connected and a bit mind-boggling, for now, just understand that reversal means becoming a healthy and happy individual.

So there is hope out there.

We need to prevent and reduce attacks. Inflammation is a killer. Stress is a killer. Obesity is a killer.

If you believe you have health issues that could lead you to Alzheimer’s it is in your best interest, and in your family and loved one’s interest, to seek help now before symptoms begin.

This is an extremely involved topic and will take several articles to cover it in a more thorough manner.

If you have concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or someone with Alzheimer’s knowledge.