How To Begin

Contact me that you want help. I’ll send you a health history form and we can schedule a consultation to go over your information. I’ll recommend tests that I believe you need to have done. These tests are not through me. You’ll need to contact your family doctor, local blood testing lab, or order them online.

We’ll look at your test results and design a protocol specially designed for your needs.

Then we’ll set an agreed-upon time to meet by phone, or conference call over zoom.

  • I see clients two times per month for approximately 45 minutes per session  
  • I offer email assistance in-between sessions if needed  
  • After each session, I will send you the follow-up notes listing all new plans and recommendations, along with any handouts that would be supportive 

What my fees include:

  • All fees include two calls per month
  • Four emails per month if needed
  • Session notes
  • Handouts
  • All research that is done on your behalf
  • I am here to help you get well
Dementia is a feeling of loss. You don’t have to go alone. Let me help you find the path back.